Friday, March 03, 2006

Good, by times which run it becomes very difficult to find good Gibson at a reasonable price... Then when one falls on a beautiful accessible instrument... Quickly, not of hesitation! In fact, I had lately between the hands this SG std which completion date ' 70/beginning ' 80.

Attractive look and color (it is better than the usual cherry in my opinion). The stringed-instrument trade of the body is sympathetic but not what to break three legs with a duck (the poor one!). But in any event, the beautiful stringed-instrument trade, it are not only one research in priority on a SG, not, which one wants it is that that sounds ROCK'N'ROLL, one wants the sound of Angus, one wants a sleeve end and rapid with microphones which tear and which makes it possible to make howl the animal like Carlos with Woodstock... And well there, one has it!!!

Very frankly, one of the best SG than I tested.

Currently dispo at GUITAR VILLAGE (thank you Laurent, your store is super) in Domont (RP), sold in case for 1480 €.